Nikky Smedley

Nikky Smedley (1970) is a British actress, dancer, theatre producer, choreographer and producer. Her voice is known by many who do not know her face; in 1997-2001, she played the character La La in the extremely popular BBC children’s programme Teletubbies. At our festival, she will perform as a storyteller. She usually tells children under the age of 10 humorous stories that she has created herself, but since these children are usually accompanied by their parents, it gives Smedley a chance to share her concept of understanding and contemplating art. Her versatility allows her to include her entire body and all her senses in her storytelling. For example, Smedley’s words are complemented by dancing, acting, singing, games with clothes (Smedley has her own “storytelling skirt”) as well as masks and puppets. She considers the involvement and spontaneity of the audience vital for bringing out the creativity in children in the best way.

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