Roseanne Watt

Roseanne Watt (1991) is a Scottish poet, filmmaker and musician from the Shetland Islands. Watt’s debut, the collection of poems Moder Dy, published in 2019, is a bilingual look at the rhythms and sounds of Watt’s native landscapes and waters. She combines the cultural history of Shetland and personal experience, and her use of two different languages allows her to bring together different sensibilities and points of view, the voices of timeless landscapes, the sea and the sky, fishermen ancestors on the one hand, and the voices of the contemporary world on the other hand. The collection has won many prestigious awards, including the Eric Gregory Award and the Somerset Maugham Award. Roseanne Watt is the poetry editor for Shetland’s online literary magazine The Island Review. She combines her interest in music and poetry in the bands Lukkie Minnie and Wulver, where she plays the flute and guitar and sings. As a filmmaker, she creates film poems that allow her to deal with the traditions and landscapes of her magical home.

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Friday, 27 May at 20:00 Michael Pedersen, Hollie McNish, Dan Willson, Roseanne Watt Estonian Writers’ Union

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