Sveta Grigorjeva

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Sveta Grigorjeva (1988) is an Estonian choreographer, dancer and poet. Already her debut, the collection kes kardab sveta grigorjevat? (2013) made waves and inspired debates. Grigorjeva’s bold, ironic style that pierces stereotypes is based on the author’s self-perception – a female creative born in Lasnamäe to Estonian and Russian parents, she speaks up from the margins of society, for the outcasts and weirdos, against social numbness and self-evident truths that have been declared universal; however, the force of the voice has elevated her to the centre of contemporary Estonian literature and she is considered one of the most important authors of the so-called Värske Rõhk generation. Grigorjeva’s aims and importance are verified by her latest, third collection of poems titled Frankenstein (2023), which has been met with a positively rapturous reception. There is no doubt Grigorjeva is continuing the socially sensitive style of poetry of the noughties that has had a significant impact on Estonian literature – the legacy of Jürgen Rooste, Elo Viiding and others – yet she does it in a peculiar, Grigorjeva-like way, calling on readers to play with notions of the human soul and body that all too often tend to become solidified. Grigorjeva’s weight in our culture is particularly clearly felt at this year’s festival, as it will feature a special screening of Vladimir Loginov’s documentary film Must film, which is inspired by Sveta Grigorjeva’s poetry. Grigorjeva herself will meet her readers and talk to Piret Jaaks.

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Date Event Name Location
Saturday, 1 June at 15:00 Piret Jaaks and Sveta Grigorjeva Estonian Writers’ Union
Wednesday, 29 May at 18:00 Documentary film Black Film on Sveta Grigorjeva’s poetry Sõprus Cinema

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