Taavi Kangur

Taavi Kangur (1974) is an Estonian prose writer. He has published six books. Kangur’s first novel, the thriller Kõigile saab kurikaga virutada (2010), won second place in the novel competition of Tänapäev Publishers. Kangur’s fifth novel Sünk jää, otsatu põhi (2017) won the special prize of the Postimees daily at the 2017 novel competition of the Estonian Writers’ Union. This contemplative and dark crime story is connected to Kangur’s latest work, the novel Tapmise eelõhtu (2023) – the two stories are connected by a character named Ahto Laasik. Describing the life of Laasik in both hefty books – including his work at the prosecutor’s office –, Kangur is creating a textual world that allows him to combine plots with criminal elements and a psychological sensitivity and the twists of recent history. Through Ahto and his friends from his youth, the author is following the dreams linked to the end of the Soviet Union, the rebirth and development of the Republic of Estonia, and their collision with reality. Tapmise eelõhtu has been lauded both as excellent genre literature and a work that transcends and combines genres. Taavi Kangur will talk to Erkki Koort.

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Thursday, 30 May at 16:00 Erkki Koort and Taavi Kangur Estonian Writers’ Union

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