Tove Alsterdal

Tove Alsterdal (1960) is a Swedish journalist, screenwriter and drama and crime writer. Estonian readers know her by the three books of the Ådalen series. Ådalen is located on the edge of civilisation, deep in the forests of northern Sweden. The first book We Know You Remember (Rotvälta) Detective Eira Sjödin in the little town of Kramfors is facing her childhood nightmares dominated by fourteen-year-old murderer Olof; she now has to investigate the murder of his father. The book was awarded Best Swedish Crime Novel of the Year by Swedish Crime Writers’ Academy in 2020. The second book of the series, You Will Never Be Found (Slukhål) pits Eira’s professional and private life against each other, with her mother suffering from dementia in a nursing home, and wrongfully imprisoned brother, and a crucial man in Eira’s life going missing. The third and final book of the series, The Deeper You Go (Djuphamn) takes the readers to the tumultuous 1960s via the bones of a man discovered at the bottom of the sea – while Eira herself is pregnant. Tove Alsterdal will talk to writer Jason Goodwin.

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Saturday, 1 June at 14:00 Tove Alsterdal and Jason Goodwin Estonian Writers’ Union

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