Vahur Afanasjev

Vahur Afanasjev (1979) is an Estonian poet and prose writer who has also dabbled in music. He began his literary career at the legendary Tartu group NAK. His first book of poetry Kandiline maailm was published in 2000 and for a while, all his titles began with the same letters: the collection of stories Kanepi kirik (2002), the book of poetry Kaantega viin (2004), the novel Kastraat from Ontario (2005), Katedraal Emajões (2006) and Kaadrid otsustavad (2007). Afanasjev’s witty, humorous and socially aware, almost naturalistic work received greater acclaim in 2015, when his book of poetry Lasnamäe tigu won the Estonian Cultural Endowment poetry prize. It is a cohesive, ironic, yet heartfelt vision of life at the periphery in southeastern Estonia, combining sensitive spatial poetry and a keen eye for social issues. Afanasjev has also made a successful foray into travel literature – his book Minu Brüssel won the best travel book award from travel magazine Go Reisiajakiri in 2011.

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