Literary pub crawl with Elle-Mari Talivee and Sirli Staub

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Venue: Old Town (see on map)
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  • Literary walk
Original language: Estonian
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Like any proper literary festival, HeadRead offers a weekend full of rather intense mental workouts, intelligent conversations and readings – however, this intensity often involves hours of sitting. Thankfully, our programme provides a chance to stretch one’s legs and let the body do the walking. First, we have a literary pub crawl with literary scholar Elle-Mari Talivee and poet Sirli Staub. The title of the walk is taken from Mihkel Mutt’s 2005 novel of the same name, where the protagonist starts going through his favourite pubs to have a pitcher of beer in each one. Talivee and Staub are not taking you on such a rough ride, instead of drinks, you can enjoy a pint of literary history, and hear about various haunts visited by various literary characters. A thematic little glass connected to the literary works mentioned is still planned (covered by participants themselves). The age limit for the tour is 18.

The walks are subject to registration and this year, the pub crawl group is already full. The assembly point is in front of the Estonian Writers’ Union (Harju 1).

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