Chris Carter

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Chris Carter (1965) is a Brazilian-born crime writer of Italian origin writing in English. His background adds to his credibility – Carter has studied criminal behaviour and worked in the Criminal Psychology Department of the Prosecutor’s Office of the state of Michigan, which allowed him to come into close contact with people accused of murder. While he gravitated more towards music when he was living in Los Angeles and played guitar in various rock bands, he published his first crime thriller in 2009. The Crucifix Killer begins with a brutal murder characteristic of the era – let us remember that Dexter was making waves on television at the time –, the signature of a psychopathic killer dubbed the Crucifix Killer is found on the tortured body of a young woman. The fact that the Crucifix Killer was sentenced to death and executed a few years earlier makes the find all the more ominous. This leads to the introduction of Detective Robert Hunter, who also appears in the second novel of the series titled The Executioner, (2010), where he has to begin his investigation with the body of a priest placed at a church altar, with the head cut off and replaced with the head of a dog. Chris Carter will talk to literally-minded comic Aleksandr Popov.

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Thursday, 30 May at 17:00 Chris Carter and Aleksandr Popov Estonian Writers’ Union

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