Lucy Worsley

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Lucy Worsley (1973) is a British historian, curator and television presenter – she is a familiar face to viewers interested in cultural history and history. With her persona slightly resembling Little My, she also boasts academic accomplishments and wit. Worsley has presented programmes, television series and documentary films on history since 2009. They are impressive not only for their quantity but also their range – the topics Worsley has researched include Tudor and Romanov rulers, Queen Victoria, English life through the centuries, the history of food and fashion, and Mozart’s visit to London. In recent years alone, she has made programmes on the lives of Florence Nightingale, Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie. The latter is the reason why Worsley is visiting our festival – her book Agatha Christie: An Elusive Woman tries to shed light on not only Christie’s mysterious life but also its mysterious nature itself. What is the appeal and the phenomenon of Agatha Christie – how did the facade of a housewife hide one of the most successful and beloved writers in history? Lucy Worsley will talk to writer, translator and publisher Tauno Vahter.

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Friday, 31 May at 18:00 Lucy Worsley and Tauno Vahter Estonian Writers’ Union

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