Stefan Boonen and Melvin

Stefan Boonen (1966) is a Belgian children’s author who has published more than 80 books since 2000. This year, his first Estonian translation will be published. What Happened to Leo? takes its inspiration from the periphery of human imagination – fantasies mixed with fear and excitement that separate people from the rest of humanity. Something like this happens to Boonen’s protagonist Leo – one day, he seemingly ceases to exist for other people. However, Leo does not give up, he starts looking for himself, and he is helped by an old stuntman named Max Hantel. What Happened to Leo? was born in cooperation with artist Melvin. At their two talks, the tandem will speak to publisher and translator Leelo Märjamaa and writer and translator Kairi Look respectively.

In addition to their talks during the festival, they will also meet readers on Friday 31 May at 17.00 at the Estonian Academy of Arts, room A403.

Performs at

Date Event Name Location
Friday, 31 May at 17:00 Creating a Graphic Novel Around Tallinn
Friday, 31 May at 13:00 Stefan Boonen and Melvin Estonian Children's Literature Centre
Friday, 31 May at 11:30 Stefan Boonen and Melvin Estonian Children's Literature Centre

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