Valerio Magrelli

Valerio Magrelli (1957) is an Italian poet, one of the most significant poets in Italy today, who has won several awards and whose works have been praised by Joseph Brodsky and Octavio Paz. In Estonia, too, Magrelli has notable fans – in Maarja Kangro, Magrelli has found a serious admirer, which is why perhaps rarely for translated poetry, several of his works are now available in Estonian. First the bilingual collection Luule DNA. Il Dna della poesia (2006), gave an overview of the six collections of poetry he had published so far, and his development from hermetic language-centred poetry to socially aware intellectual texts. Jää vait, müra! (2023) once again displays Magrelli’s range – he has both the wit of an intellectual quoting contemporary thinkers, and the generalisation skills of someone open and attentive to the world around him, albeit somewhat wistful. Valerio Magrelli will talk to the poet, prose writer translator and the newly elected Chair of the Estonian Writers’ Union Maarja Kangro.

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Thursday, 30 May at 19:00 Valerio Magrelli and Maarja Kangro Estonian Writers’ Union

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