Changes in the international lineup of HeadRead

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The HeadRead literary festival is sad to announce that due to urgent professional engagement, Norwegian writer, film critic and screenwriter Erlend Loe will not attend the festival this year. He hopes to meet our audiences in the coming years. On the other hand, the festival is happy to announce that Finnish author and literary scholar Iida Turpeinen will meet her readers.

Iida Turpeinen (1987) is a Finnish author and literary scholar whose 2023 debut novel Beasts of the Sea became the literary event of the year in Finland and won her the literary award of the Helsingin Sanomat daily. In early May, Estonian Tänapäev publishers will publish the novel in Estonian. Turpeinen has explored the relations of humans and nature and completed a thesis on the subject. Beasts of the Sea is a breathtaking adventure through three centuries, using the example of the extinction of Steller’s sea cow how human activity has influenced nature.

The HeadRead literary festival is held in Tallinn from 29 May to 2 June this year, hosting nearly 30 international guests that include writers, illustrators and festival curators. 

The schedule and profiles of this year’s festivals will soon be available on the festival website, and keep an eye on the festival’s Facebook and Instagram pages. 

The Estonian programme of the festival will soon be published.

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